About Stripe Drawings

The Stripe Drawings are composed of an infinite number of lines drawn in pencil. Drawing these lines at set intervals creates gaps in between, deliberately leaving empty spaces. These lines and spaces create shapes that seem to encroach upon each other, yet co-exist harmoniously.
My goal is to depict landscapes where contours, spatial distances and physical boundaries dissolve, like the infinitesimal world we see through the microscope, an imaginary galaxy in a faraway universe, or a landscape steeped in fog. The shapes of the objects I draw are ambiguous and impossible to touch. Lines drawn in freehand have tremors, evidence of the pencil’s contact with paper. By tracing these hand-drawn lines with his or her eyes, the viewer vicariously perceives the artist’s physical experience, which becomes the connecting link between the viewer and the artwork.

Text/ Nobuhiro Nakanishi

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